leadership at all levels

Leadership at All Levels

One of the token signs of successful leaders is when their employees successfully advance within their careers. It shows that their leaders have taken the time to teach their employees and help them grow, fostering their skills and passing down tricks of the leadership trade that employees will need as they move up within the organization.

The best way to prepare your employees for leadership positions in their future is, not surprisingly, letting them lead regardless of their title or current position within the organization. Leadership at all levels is a powerful strategy—this idea isn’t new, but it does occasionally ruffle some feathers. “What if my employees aren’t ready to lead?” Some leaders may ask.

Instead, we would recommend asking yourself, “Have I given them a chance to show me what they’re made of?”

Studies show that the number one reason employees don’t take more initiative at work is because their leaders don’t seek their input before making decisions. When you’re not seeking your employees’ input before making big decisions that impact them, you’re sending the message that their feedback and perspective isn’t valuable to you — or worse, that you don’t trust them.

If you don’t trust them enough to seek out their input and allow them to act as thought leaders, you run the risk of creating apathy among your workforce. Or worse, you may create a sense of doubt within those employees as to whether or not their ideas are worth sharing. How many great ideas might die on the vine because you aren’t showing your employees that their opinions matter?

Changing this dynamic is simple, but takes consistent execution and a genuine desire to engage with your employees and a willingness to embrace leadership at all levels. The first thing to do is listen to what your employees have to say regardless of their titles or positions — engage them in the decision-making process and take their feedback into serious consideration.

Most importantly, give your employees a chance to rise to the occasion — you may never know what they’re capable of if you never give them the opportunity to show you. Implementing a strategy that encourages leadership at all levels, regardless of title, will ultimately make your organization healthier, your employees happier and your relationships with your employees stronger and more effective.

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