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Rich Baron

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach
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Throughout his career, Rich has been highly successful in leading organizations, coaching, and developing employees from entry level to senior leadership. With over 25 years in executive leadership and operations management roles, he has experienced what it takes to be successful in a leadership role.

As an executive in an FDA regulated medical device
organization, he was able to lead his team to achieve 100% customer retention from 2006 to 2019 while operating at a 5.67 Sigma. In addition, the organization was awarded the “Overall Greenest Business in Utah” by Rocky Mountain Power and Utah Business Magazine. He truly believes that the biggest waste in any organization are people’s time, energy and talents. Rich has a passion to serve and to instill in leaders the skills and talents necessary to become great leaders and to develop a culture of success within their organizations.

Rich and his wife and have eight children and three grandchildren. He  is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. Rich is also a lifelong musician and has had the opportunity to travel, perform and record with several well-known artists. He currently owns a recording studio where he enjoys recording music for local artists and singers. Rich is a co-host on a podcast that has gone global with listeners in over 40 countries worldwide.

Endorsements From a Few of Rich’s Colleagues

I have had the pleasure of working with Rich as my executive coach for the past 6 months. Rich has a passion for coaching and his enthusiasm for leadership and personal improvement is contagious. He saw leadership potential in me that I did not see in myself. He helped me recognize that potential and taught me the importance of concentrating first on your inner core. He created a clear and concise roadmap for me to follow and helped me work through blind spots I did not realize I had. Rich is extremely patient and always took the time to dissect, analyze and unpack issues I was dealing with at work.

Rich truly believes that people are the key to any successful organization and has made it his life’s work to help transform the lives of people he works with. Rich has a passion for seeing others succeed and I know that without his help I would not have received a recent promotion at work. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Rich to anyone interested in taking the next step on their leadership journey.

Michael Lydiksen – Manufacturing Manager, Verdesian Lifesciences

Rich Baron has been a friend, associate, bandmate and positive impact in my life for decades. We have worked together on organizational design, impacts from the pandemic and ongoing human resources challenges. Take the time to get to know Rich. Through a phone call or a live meeting, you be positively changed by the experience. A veteran manager and a student of workplace dynamics. Rich is a mentor, coach, example and leader. I give Rich my highest recommendation as a Consultant, Advisor, Leader and friend. A good example of his foresight and expertise can be found in his ongoing vlogs and posted online content. Loved his most recent post about ‘It’s a Long Way to the Top if You Wanna Rock n Roll’. Rich is comfortable on stage or supporting the C-Suite in the executive boardroom. All the best Rich! I wish you continued success and more importantly, continued happiness.

Joe Tate, Principal at Boost HR and Recruiting

Rich is a mindful, resilient, and wonderful servant-leader! I had the pleasure of working with Rich in the same group where we were focused on helping one another with career transitioning. Rich was the consensus unofficial leader of the group. We all routinely looked to Rich for candid and sincere advice and encouragement. No one worked harder than Rich and no one served others in the group with more devotion than Rich. I am confident that Rich spent nearly as much time helping others in their career search as he did on his own search. He provided me many helpful personal contacts that made my search so much more effective, especially as I was new to the region. Rich is a gatherer of people and good ideas. He is confident and thoughtful when sharing his point of view yet humble and open when hearing others. A testament to Rich’s character and example is that he was invited to be a formal leader of the career group even while he was still during his own search. I also admire Rich for his tenacity and persistence. Rich kept those around him going with hope and optimism and his perseverance has paid dividends! Rich is a leader in every sense of the word!

Nathan Sprague, Senior Underwriting Counsel/ Utah state counsel at First American Title

I had the honor to work along with Rich throughout a good portion of 2020. He is very intelligent, professional, and communicates honestly and with great respect. Along with the multitude of leadership qualities he possesses, he truly cares about you as a person. If you choose to collaborate with Rich, you will be very happy with the partnership.

Jim Doliber, Business Operations Consultant and Motivational Speaker

As a seasoned manager Rich treated the entire team with respect and he was there for each and every person as a support, as a mentor and a true leader. A team builder who praises individual achievements in public and constantly stimulates a healthy competitive environment.

Ned Storm, Quality Management Professional

Why I Became a Coach

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

With over 25 years of experience in leadership roles, I have a true passion in coaching and developing people to become leaders themselves. Becoming an ILEC coach is the best way for me to pass along my knowledge and teach the skills and talents that made me a successful leader.

To help others obtain the same level of passion and success that I have enjoyed throughout my career. Serving others and teaching them the skills and talents necessary to become leaders is my goal as an ILEC coach.

Leading a team of great people that was able to obtain a 100% customer retention rate over a 13-year period while operating at a very high level in every capacity. Several of these team members have now gone on to become successful leaders in other organizations and industries. That is my greatest professional achievement.

Raising a family and being a father and grandfather. Nothing in life is more important than family.

(1) My desire to serve others and teach them how to become successful leaders.
(2) My ability to visualize success and help others find effective and innovative strategies to achieve it.
(3) I am an effective public speaker and have the ability to motivate others to become excited about their own journey.

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