Meet Your ILEC Coach

Maikel Bailey

Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coach

Maikel has been in the business of helping people improve through training, speaking, sales, and 30 years in the coaching industry. He has spoken to over 70,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Maikel has trained scores of coaches, as well as having personally coached over 2,000 people in personal development, entrepreneurial mindset, and leadership development. In additional to personal coaching, he has trained businesses in cultural development for improved teamwork and Emotional
Intelligence. During his career, he has authored hundreds of lessons and worksheets for personal, emotional Intelligence, and leadership development. One highlight in his career is having developed an Internet Business Coaching curriculum that produced over $5 million in sales. Maikel is committed to improving your leadership skills and character and helping you to become more than you imagined was possible.

If you are serious and committed to improving your leadership skills and character and want to become more, that’s something Maikel can help you attain. Your next step is to reach out for that critical conversation that will begin moving you forward to new breakthroughs, achievements, and opportunities.

Executive Coaching Endorsements from a Few of Maikel’s Clients

Maikel Bailey is one of the best executive level coaches and trainers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I have had the privilege of attending numerous training sessions that Maikel has provided and been able to work with him directly one-on-one as well. He has a unique talent for taking complex topics, materials, or situations and presenting it in a way that anyone can grasp and understand. Additionally, Maikel has a natural ability to inspire greatness in others. I’ve witnessed this in both group settings and in his one-on-one work with individual executives. I have personally benefited from Maikel’s executive coaching and mentorship and would highly recommend him as a corporate trainer or executive coach for any organization wanting to get more out of their employees and executives.

Jeff Erickson

Carta | Startup Advisor | Angel Investor

It seems like every day you see people offering coaching without any background or experience. This is not the case with Maikel. He knows his stuff and he has been doing this for years. Maikel helped me to work smarter, he gave me the tools I needed to succeed in any situation. He helped me find purpose in life and helped me set goals for the future. He especially helped me when I was deciding to leave my old company and pursue an opportunity with a new company that included equity and ownership. Originally I was very skeptical working with a coach, but he was worth every dollar!

Steve Books

VP of Software Engineering at Spiff Inc

I’ve known Maikel for over 20 years. We’ve worked together on projects and I’ve taken advantage of Maikel’s expertise as a coach, teacher, and counselor as a friend and colleague, and benefited often, from his unusual ability to analyze and provide useful insight on almost any situation. But it wasn’t until I became a formal coaching client that I began to understand the depth of Maikel’s knowledge, wisdom, empathy, and effectiveness as a life coach and mentor. Since working with him in this “formal” client/coach relationship, my confidence, capacity, and performance have skyrocketed. I have gained clarity about what my goals and objectives are and what some of the specific beliefs and behaviors are that have held me back for decades. With his help, I’ve developed new skills to see myself and others more clearly, and to manage my life for vastly better results in my career, my family, and my personal challenges and goals. I can hardly imagine how anyone could not benefit from working with Maikel Bailey, if they put into practice even the tiniest portion of the tools, principles, and skills they will gain as a result. Maikel has an uncanny ability to cut to the heart of the matter and help you see things as they really are. And that truth WILL set you free!

Bruce Ackerman

Chief Marketing Officer of My Computer Career

Thank you Maikel for showing me how to build my foundations deep so that when the sand shifts (as it inevitably does in life), I will stay grounded in my values. You taught me to take action and enjoy the ride. What a great ride, what a GREAT coach! Thank you for helping me on my journey.

Robert Ferkul

Partner at Moffet & Duncan Architects

Tanner LLC (public accounting firm with a soul) had the pleasure of having an inspiring session with Maikel on the Psychology of Building Better Relationships Quickly. What made it inspiring? Maikel didn’t just “teach.” Maikel got everyone on our team actively involved. And he demonstrated, in real time, things like “the universal friend signal” (smile), how to shake hands, etc. and how to “open the emotional door.” Maikel is a gifted teacher and friend who has helped us become better!

Tom Lund

Director of Practice Development at Tanner LLC

Maikel has been a kind and compassionate coach yet he knows how to keep your feet to the fire and help you get things done! My creative mind needed someone who can help me get it out of my brain and on to paper and then from paper to execution. Maikel has helped me achieve this every step of the way! With many mountains still to climb the things Maikel has taught me are the things that stay with you. Maikel is not a good coach he is a great one!! Maikel’s love for helping others succeed is his passion! If you want to win Maikel can help you get there!

Frankie Morea

VP of programming for Positive alternative radio GM

Maikel is able to hold one accountable without judgment. He has the ability to help one see what is on the ‘tip of your nose’. Maikel is able to work through and help you see what might be blocking you from achieving your desired outcomes, giving clarity and focus.

Delmae Bower

Australia’s Leading Sales Strategist & Private Advisor To Entrepreneurs

Maikel is an excellent executive coach. He works with you to help discover your strengths and apply them in ways that are both effective and in line with your goals and personality. His techniques helped give me confidence in difficult situations and build trust in myself. If you do the work he outlines, you will feel more confident in who you are, the decisions you make, and your ability to handle life in a way that is true to yourself and points toward success—however you define it. I worked with Maikel while looking for a new position and I know his techniques and guidance helped me during my interviews and once I started at a new company. I know I’ll continue to use what I learned in both my professional and personal life.

Jessica (Trentman) Madsen,

Marketing Expert in Strategy &

Brand Development

Connecting with Maikel has been a life changer for me. His insight, his professionalism, and his integrity are outstanding. We have spent the last 9 months together as he guided me through the maze of projects and goals I have set for myself. Without Maikel’s insight and leadership, I would not have able to prioritize my goals, set into place a system for a future focus and eliminate the distractions that I was unaware of that were showing up. One of the most caring men I have met. Everything he did was top notch. Thank you Maikel. Choose Maikel. He is the best!

Daniel Clark

Owner at Daniel C Clark Coaching and Counseling

During my career, I have been introduced to and interacted with many executive coaches and motivational speakers. Some were very prominent leaders of America’s largest companies. These interactions were very inspiring and motivating, with great strategies and tactics for being productive, effective, and a leader. Most of these were based on what these individuals had used to accomplish their own individual successes.

What generally happened with individuals after these interactions is that they stayed motivated for a while or used the strategies and tactics for a bit. Still, after time, their motivation diminished and their diligence in employing the strategies or tactics faded. The one key element they didn’t have that the great leaders that motivated them did was the internal foundation and infrastructure of their belief in their own potential to learn, grow, persevere, overcome, and succeed.

It’s at this level of an individual’s internal foundation and infrastructure where Maikel succeeds in unlocking a leader’s true potential. Every individual has been shaped to some extend by their emotional experiences and how those experiences have been internalized. Understanding those influences and how to use or overcome them determines each of our individual successes.

At this level, Maikel succeeds at helping leaders and organizations build the foundation and infrastructure they need to unlock and unleash their potential to learn, grow, persevere, overcome, and succeed. And to ensure that the foundation and infrastructure are secure enough so the strategies and tactics built upon it will never diminish or fade.

With his personalized assessment and individual leadership training, what I call Quantum Leadership Building, Maikel first teaches leaders and teams how they lead the most important and complex organization they will ever lead, and that is themselves. Once that leadership core is secure, Maikel teaches individuals how to lead others with training on emotional intelligence, group interactions, and much more.

If your goal is to be an effective and enduring leader of yourself and those you serve, I have never known anyone better at guiding you to achieve that goal than Maikel Bailey.

Jim Collings

Chief Executive Officer

Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

International Development, LLC



Why I Became a Coach

Q and A with Your ILEC Coach

The biggest draw for me was John’s surveys and the data they provided. I am a very intuitive person. Yet, I knew intuition and experience were not enough when coaching business leaders. Today, business leaders require data to help them understand the entire picture of themselves, those they work with, and their teams and organization. John had that.

As a coach, my job is to teach, train, and habituate my clients to use the tools that bring out the best in themselves, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to bring out the best in themselves, achieve their best, and live their best, encourage the same in others.

Building two different coaching programs from nothing and training the coaches to staff them. In both cases, the client’s satisfaction was very high. In the first instance, we had the lowest refund rates and chargeback rates in that industry. No one came close. In the second instance, there was never a chargeback or cancellation. This is an industry where the average rate for such things is 15% minimum. That may not sound like much, but when accounting for tens of thousands of clients, that’s not bad.

Remaining married. Don’t get me wrong. I am married to a wonderful woman. We’ve been married for nearly forty years. We have four children together. She brought three children. We lost one to suicide, and the others have given us hellacious rides. Neither Michelle nor I are the easiest people to be married to, but we love each other. There is nothing like marriage to test you in every aspect of your person and character to the enth degree. With that said, it’s been more than worth it.

This is what others have told me.

First, I listen to others so that I can cut through the noise, get to the real issue of a situation, and then help my clients see that problem or issue in a new light that gives them hope and courage to take action.

Second, I have a grasp on principles that help others to help themselves. Next, I teach and train them in using those principles and their accompanying tools, so they tap deeper into their potential, gain better judgment, confidence, and self-determination to move forward to achieve their goals and accomplish who they choose to become. Then I hold them accountable to use those tools.

Third, I seem to know the right thing to say at the right time.

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