The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching® Story

Established in 2010, the Intelligent Leadership coaching methodology has transformed the lives of nearly one thousand CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and executives and impacted the success of thousands of organizations from every corner of the globe—53 countries to date.

We are dedicated to growing leaders, building cultures, and driving results. The ILEC unique coaching methodology provides a proven philosophy, process, and tools to empower leaders and future leaders to unlock and unleash their potential. Our coaches bring significant leadership experience to their client engagements and their clients benefit from a high ROI that delivers real results.

The Launch of ILEC

Since re-launching his business in 2010, John Mattone’s passion and vision have been to Change the World One Leader, One Organization at a Time. It is in this spirit that he created his proprietary Intelligent Leadership® philosophy, process, and unique content to help global executive coaches make a real difference in solving the global leadership problem—developing stronger leaders at all levels, accelerating the development of high potentials and millennial emerging leaders, and helping organizations build and sustain strong cultures. These are the keys to every organization achieving and sustaining success.

Changing the World One Leader, One Organization at a Time.

Growing Leaders. Building Cultures. Driving Results.