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All ILEC Coaches are Master Certified Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaches. They have achieved their distinguished certification by successfully passing 6 ILEC training programs all approved and accredited by the world’s #1 coaching governing body, the International Coach Federation (ICF).

In addition, Rich and Maikel bring significant senior executive experience to their client engagements. Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic shared by Rich and Maikel is that they are real people who have achieved real results in their lives and careers and, most importantly, bring an extraordinary pedigree and passion to each and every client engagement. Rich and Maikel were hand selected and personally trained by John Mattone, voted for the third straight year as the world’s top executive coach and motivational speaker. They truly live the ILEC Mission: Striving to help every leader in the world grow as leaders and people while also helping every organization in the world build and sustain a culture of strong leadership and talent that ensures their long-term success.

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The Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI) assessment has over 12,000 global leaders in the database including Steve Jobs, Roger Enrico of Pepsico, Bill Logue of Fed Ex, and thousands more. All these world-class leaders started their ILEC coaching journey with the MLEI assessment.

Click on the link to take your own, free MLEI assessment. The results are confidential and once completed, you will be qualified for a complimentary, one-hour coaching session to debrief the assessment with a master-certified ILEC executive coach. The results are confidential, and only the coach and yourself will have access to the results.

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Rich Baron

Master Certified Intelligent
Leadership Executive Coach

Maikel Bailey

Master Certified Intelligent
Leadership Executive Coach