Announcing: 10-Week Group Coaching Journey!


Intelligent Leadership 10-Week Group Coaching Journey


Unlock Your Leadership Potential

Begins Tuesday – January 17, 2023 @ 7:00 PM MDT


There has never been a time when great, authentic, skillful, and courageous leaders have been needed more. We all love great leaders who know who they are and see individuals as valuable members of an important team. These leaders lead people through tremendous challenges by doing the necessary things to succeed.

Here’s What You Can Expect to Gain Out of This Extraordinary Experience:

  • Ignite self-awareness of your leadership abilities and strengths
  • Discover your roadmap to leadership success
  • Find out what is expected from leaders today
  • Experience peer-to-peer learning for maximum growth

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn and interact and fast-track your leadership success with two expert executive coaches, Rich Baron and Maikel Bailey.

A Roadmap to Your Coaching Journey:

ILEC Group Coaching is a 10-week workshop series. Each session includes a two-hour workshop focusing on the key elements of leading others. These have a maximum of twenty participants allowing the coach to work closely with each member. This journey includes the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory (MLEI), a leadership assessment over 12,000 global leaders have utilized to start their journey to success. You will receive a one-on-one coaching session unpacking the results of your MLEI before the beginning of the group coaching sessions. Throughout the 10 weeks, you will have your coaches available to answer questions. At the end of the group journey, you will receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to debrief your experience.

Some of Concepts We Will Cover 

  • Setting the Stage for Action, Application, and Advancing in Your Leadership Development
  • Gaining a Footing on Leadership Traits and Character – What’s In It For You?
  • Owning the Insights and the Power of your MLEI Results
  • Your Leadership Maps – How to Differentiate Your Ascending and Descending Maps
  • Deeper Dive into the Power of Your Leadership Motivators
  • Understanding the Necessity of Leadership Communication Skills
  • What Lights You Up and What Douses You Down
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Fear and Doubt
  • Acquire the Tools, Skills, and Practices to Move Past Your Fears and Doubts
  • Debrief Your Journey and Preview Your Vision Forward

Program Costs

$1,950 per participant
Group Rates available

Limited Seating

The IL Group Coaching Workshop Series is limited to 20 participants maximum. This will allow effective learning and interaction between the participants and between the participants and the coaches throughout.


I have had the pleasure of working with Rich as my executive coach for the past 6 months. Rich has a passion for coaching and his enthusiasm for leadership and personal improvement is contagious. He saw leadership potential in me that I did not see in myself. He helped me recognize that potential and taught me the importance of concentrating first on your inner core. He created a clear and concise roadmap for me to follow and helped me work through blind spots I did not realize I had. Rich is extremely patient and always took the time to disect, analyze and unpack issues I was dealing with at work. Rich truly believes that people are the key to any successful organization and has made it his life’s work to help transform the lives of people he works with. Rich has a passion for seeing others succeed and I know that without his help I would not have received a recent promotion at work. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Rich to anyone interested in taking the next step on their leadership journey.
– Michael Lydiksen, Operations Manager, Verdesian Lifesciences

Maikel Bailey is one of the best executive level coaches and trainers I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I have had the privilege of attending numerous training sessions that Maikel has provided and been able to work with him directly one-on-one as well. He has a unique talent for taking complex topics, materials, or situations and presenting it in a way that anyone can grasp and understand. Additionally, Maikel has a natural ability to inspire greatness in others. I’ve witnessed this in both group settings and in his one-on-one work with individual executives. I have personally benefited from Maikel’s executive coaching and mentorship and would highly recommend him as a corporate trainer or executive coach for any organization wanting to get more out of their employees and executives.
– Jeff Erickson Carta, Startup Advisor, Angel Investor

About the Coach Instructors

Maikel Bailey

Maikel has been in the business of helping people improve through training, speaking, sales, and 30 years in the coaching industry. He has spoken to over 70,000 entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. Maikel has trained scores of coaches, as well as having personally coached over 2,000 people in personal development, entrepreneurial mindset, and leadership development. In addition to personal coaching, he has trained businesses in cultural development for improved teamwork and Emotional Intelligence. During his career, he has authored hundreds of lessons and worksheets for personal, emotional Intelligence, and leadership development. One highlight in his career is having developed an Internet Business Coaching curriculum that produced over $5 million in sales. Maikel is committed to improving your leadership skills and character and helping you to become more than you imagined was possible.

Rich Baron

Throughout his career, Rich has been highly successful in leading organizations, coaching, and developing employees from entry level to senior leadership. With over 25 years in executive leadership and operations management roles, he has experienced what it takes to be successful in a leadership role. As an executive in an FDA regulated medical device organization, he was able to lead his team to achieve 100% customer retention from 2006 to 2019 while operating at a 5.67 Sigma. In addition, the organization was awarded the “Overall Greenest Business in Utah” by Rocky Mountain Power and Utah Business Magazine. He truly believes that the biggest waste in any organization are people’s time, energy and talents. Rich has a passion to serve and to instill in leaders the skills and talents necessary to become great leaders and to develop a culture of success within their organizations.



Begins Tuesday – January 10, 2023 @ 7:00 PM MDT


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